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Panesar Power Systems 'Quality and Perfection'

Panesar Power Systems is an Electrical Contracting firm that was established in 1966. The company was then called Panesar Electrical Works. This company is 40 years old and the 3rd generation in the Electrical Trade.

Panesar Power Systems is a stockist of various Electrical Consumables and also a reputable Fabricator of Electrical Items.

Panesar Power Systems also carries out sales and installation of CCTV products

Panesar Power Systems has a strong reputation of 40 years in the field of Electrical Installations for Quality Installations. All material used by us for installations conforms to Statutory Standards. We are renown for superior Workmanship on our Projects using a wide range of equipment and supervision. Above all we appreciate giving 'The Best' to our clientele at the right price.

 Our Vision as a company is to provide our clients the " Best Electrical Installations" with the set Policy of "Quality and Perfection" and to carry our long built Reputation in the field to the next Generation.

Panesar Power Systems is registered with the following bodies: Kenya Bureau of Standards, Ministry of Energy, The Institution of Electrical Engineers–U.K, Kenya Revenue Authority, Directorate of Industrial Training, Ministry of Public Works 

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